Baby Cai Shen

Baby Cai Shen is a slot game from Spade Gaming, where the fortune-bringing Baby Cai Shen can shower you with you big wins. The reels are adorned with various auspicious symbols from the Orient, such a koi, a red kite, a golden turtle, and some ripe oranges. The baby Cai Shen can also appear.

Baby Cai Shen


This is a 5-reel slot.


Baby Cai Shen has 9 paylines. You decide how many of them to activate.

Wild symbol & Free Spins with win multiplier

Baby Cai Shen is a very powerful symbol in this game. He is a wild symbol but can also hand out free spins, and those free spins come with a win multiplier.

Baby Cai Shen can only appear on the third, fourth and fifth reel, never on the first or second reel.

As a wild symbol, Baby Cai Shen can substitute for any of the regular symbols, but not for the scatter.

If Wild Baby Cai Shen helps you form a winning combination, you will also be given 5 Free Spins. A 3x win multiplier applies to wins during Free Spins.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol pay left to right consecutive on reel. You need a minimum of two scatters to get paid. Five scatters = 50x your total bet.


  • You decide how many of the paylines to activate when you play Baby Cai Shen, from just 1 to all 9.
  • You can adjust the coin value from 0.01 to 20.00.

Baby Cai Shen slot


Autoplay is available.

Who is Cai Shen?

Cai Shen, also spelled Caishen, is a God of Wealth in Chinese folk religion and Taoism. It is also quite common among Pure Land Buddhists to venerate Cai Shen as a buddha. One of the main temples dedicated to Cai Shen is found in the county Zhouzhi in China’s Shaanxi province.

Cai Shen is seen as a bringer of fortune, and his name is often invoked during the Chinese New Year celebrations; both in China and in Chinese communities abroad.

The adult Cai Shen is often depicted riding a black tiger and holding a golden rod or an iron tool that can turn stone into iron and gold.

There are many aspects (directions) of Cai Shen, each devoted to a specific purpuse, and several of them can be of interest for the slot player.


Direction of Cai Shen Title / Purpuse
North-West (西北路財神) Civil God of Wealth (文財神)


North (北路財神) God of Profitability (利市仙官)


North-East (東北路財神) God of Gold (金財神)


East (東路財神) God of Collecting Treasures (招寶天尊)


South-East (東南路財神) God of Gambling (大賭神)


South (南路財神) God of Attracting Wealth (招財使者)


South-West (西南路財神) God of Luck (偏財神)


West (西路財神) God of Collecting Valuables (納珍天尊)


Center (中路財神) Military God of Wealth (武財神)