Genital Warts Passed From Mother to Baby
Q: Does anyone have knowledge or experience with human papilloma virus
(HPV) being transmitted from mom to baby (genital warts passed via the
birth canal and
appearing in the baby's throat)? Any real stories of successful healing,
experience with surgical removal, or any other insight would be greatly

A: I have been a CNM for 7 years and have helped about 330 babies be born
in that time. I see a lot of HPV in my population and so far am not aware
of any cases of HPV in the infant.
-M. Durbin
Toledo, OH

A: In the last few years I have learned a lot about HPV because we have had
a good number of clients with this problem. We also spoke with an OB in the
community who has HPV as well. What we learned is that this is a very
common STD that is frequently asymptomatic with the exception of the
initial flare-up. Some women may have a reoccurring breakout in pregnancy
after a good amount of time without one. (Thuja cream has been very helpful
for treatment.)

Transmission to babies is very rare. Unfortunately I do not have any
statistics on the contraction rate. One thing the OB assured us is that
transmission was NOT dependent on the type of birth, i.e. vaginal or
surgical. Babies who are born to mothers with HPV should be closely watched
for signs; one of the most obvious is a hoarse sounding voice. Signs may
show up from 6 months to 1-1/2 years.
-student midwife

Reprinted from Midwifery Today E-News (Vol 2 Issue 21 May 26, 2000)
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