Natural Remedies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Q: Does anyone know of any natural remedies for blocked fallopian tubes?
The woman in question has already had two children and is not aware of
having had an infection that could have caused this.
-Julia Duthie

A: A neighbor lady who had two children ages 8 and 10 who was not able to
conceive since those births had gone from doctor to doctor to find the
cause. *Finally*, after thousands and thousands of dollars were spent
trying to find a solution, one compasionate local doctor explained to her
that her tubes had been tied. She was shocked as she had never requested
such a procedure.

He then revealed to her, though said he would have to deny that he had
exposed this information, that in our state, as in many others, if a woman
shows any reason--mental, physical, emotional or financial--for not being
able to bear any more children, based upon the doctor's assessment, he
could tie her tubes without consent or disclosure, and that it was his
civic duty. It's problematic, but bears checking out.

If yours is "natural" caused, dehydration will cause the tubes to be
blocked simply because the body does not have sufficient fluids to keep up
what is supposed to be a continually available tubal mucus flow. Even eight
glasses of water in a low water content type of food regimen is not
sufficient. You may want to read the book "Your Body's Many Cries for
Water--You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty" by Dr. Batmangeheilidji (or
spelled something like that!)

A: My husband is a naturopath and I am a midwife. We have been successful
using mineral water in a douche for cleaning out excess left over waste
material within the tubes. As it is an astringent, it draws out foreign
matter that has been obstructive. This can be done on a slant board using
about two ounces and retained for ten minutes. It can be done a couple of
times a day for about a week. The mineral water is used by itself in the
douche. This may not be all that is causing the problem as infection can
swell and obstruct as well as scar tissue. The use of bromaline (derived
from fresh pineapple) in the diet has been used to reduce scar tissue if
sued over a long period of time. Also if mother is using suppository
napkins (you know the brand names) this is not good as it can block the
flow of blood, forcing endometrial tissue and old blood back u[p into the
fallopian tubes which can cause toxic shock and eventually possibly
This information is to be used by you at your own discretion and is not to
be considered medical advice.

A: I have a friend who went to an osteopath for this condition and the
osteopath worked on freeing the "scarred tissue." She ended up conceiving a
baby afterward. She preferred to try this instead of having surgery.
-Helene Vadeboncoeur

Reprinted from Midwifery Today E-News (Vol 2 Issue 14 April 7, 2000)
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