Pelvic Rocking Exercise
Pelvic rocking is one of the most effective exercises and provides several key benefits. Pelvic rocking strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and the lower back. It helps to relieve back pressure by moving the baby forward off of the mothers back temporarily. It also relieves pressure on the blood vessels in the area around the uterus, and relieves pressure on the mothers bladder. It will help the mother relax and will also improve the digestive process.

This is an exercise that the mother can easily do herself. To do it, the mother needs to get down onto the floor on her hands and knees as if she were going to crawl. When in this position, the mother's arms should be fully extended and straight. The floor, her legs, her back, and her arms need to form the four sides of a square. To start out, her back needs to be straight (not arched up or down) with her stomach pulled up. The next step is to slowly relax her lower back and allow her pelvis to tilt forward and comfortably. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then have her pull her back and pelvis back to a straight, level, and less relaxed position. This cycle should be repeated slowly in a regular motion. This exercise should only be using the muscles of the lower part of her body or else it isn't being done properly.

At first the mother should only do this up to twenty five times per day with part of the exercises done in the morning and part of them at night. As the weeks go by, she will grow stronger and eventually can work up to a total of seventy five per day spread out during the day. Getting into the relaxed pelvic rock position is also a good way to relieve stress during late pregnancy and can be a comfortable way to sit for a few minutes.

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