Goatmilk vs Breastmilk
Goat milk is for kids, but not of the human species! Compared to human milk, goat milk has less energy, due to its lower fat and carbohydrate content. It's too high in protein to be appropriate for a newborn's renal system (two and a half times the protein of human milk) and too low in carbohydrate (about 60% of the amount in human milk). Goat milk has four times the calcium content of human milk, again a problem for infant kidneys, two thirds the iron, more Vitamin A and thiamine but much less riboflavin, niacin and Vitamin C.

The table I am citing (Handbook of Dairy Products, from the Norwegian dairy association, and yes, they include nutritional info on "women's milk" along with cow and goat milk in their table) doesn't have information on folic acid, but I seem to remember from my maternal-child nutrition course in about 1980 that goat milk is very low in folic acid as well. From the same table, one can see that cow milk and goat milk are much more similar than either one is to human milk. I hope this doesn't surprise anyone now working as a midwife!

Greetings from Norway, where the value of breastmilk is calculated into the GNP,
Rachel Myr

Reprinted from Midwifery Today E-News (Vol 1 Issue 40, Oct 1, 1999)
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